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Built for non-programmers No installations. No compilations. No coding.

Your alerts automatically set to run on the cloud so you won't have to worry about how to run them locally on your computer.

Better than Expert Advisors Professional traders work from the chart.

Use the elements you added to the chart and build alerts for the exact opportunities you are waiting for.

Multiple strategies Track the markets for more opportunities.

Explore what other traders are doing and mix them with your alerts to expand the variety of strategies that you use.

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Traido Keeping You Alert

"Aiming to offer one tool for traders, but to do it really well is today's New Product Spotlight, Traido."

Smart alerts for false breaks

"Expressing the trader's strategy is a very simple process. All he needs to do is draw his analysis and create sentences that describe his thoughts."

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"Set and forget, saves me the effort of constantly checking the chart, brilliant"
Don, Swing trader
"It feels like I can talk to the computer and explain it what I want it to do. I've been waiting for something like this"
Claus, Day trader
"I wake up in the morning, set my alerts and head off to work knowing that Traido got my back"
Dave, high-tech geek

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